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"Криміналістика і судова експертиза"
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DOI: https://doi.org/10.33994/kndise.2020.65.50

V. Savchak

Losses of agricultural production and damage are very similar. Separately, they are both calculated when land plots are removed (or redeemed) or restrictions on land rights are established, as well as when the quality of soil cover deteriorates.

The fundamental difference between the calculating of the losses of agricultural production and the calculating of damage is the entity, who receives the appropriate funds. In the first case, the owners and users (including tenants) of the land get the money. In the second case, the executive branch or local self-government gets the money.

The losses of agricultural production come up as a result of legitimate actions or wrongful acts and arise on the basis the next:

– an act of the competent authority about removing land plots (redeeming) or court decision about compulsory seizure of the land plots;

– an act of the competent authority about allotment of land plot for the construction, placement and operation of oil and gas production facilities, arrangement of fields and subsoil use for the purpose of the industrial development of amber and other minerals of national importance, and/or the extracting of amber and other minerals of national importance;

– a law, legal act, a contract or a court decision, which establish one of the types of restrictions on land rights;

– the fact when the quality of the soil cover deteriorates, etc.

Key words: forensic examination on land management issues; plot of land; loss of agricultural production; land acquisition; loss calculation.