Міжвідомчий Науково-методичний збірник
"Криміналістика і судова експертиза"
ISSN: 2786-7072 (Online); ISSN: 2786-7080 (Print)
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DOI: https://doi.org/10.33994/kndise.2022.67.63

Ya. Zaiats, M. Bednarchuk, A. Yarovyi, S. Dolynskyi, N. Popovych

The article is devoted to the search and scientific substantiation of the directions of theoretical research, which will ensure the integration of domestic forensic commodity expertise into the relevant European system of scientific knowledge. It has been established that Ukraine has a wide range of footwear for servicemen, which is a potential object of forensic commodity expertise but has not yet been studied from the standpoint of modern commodity science. The range of footwear offered by “Prof 1 Group”, “Scout Tactical”, and “Patriotshop” was analyzed and the nomenclature of their properties, which has more than 30 characteristics, was studied. It is shown that at the level of groups and types of this footwear has significant features of classification, marking, and other commodity characteristics, which are significantly different from the system of special knowledge of the domestic expert commodity expert. The systems of marking the anthropometric characteristics of the studied footwear and their units of measurement in the USA, Great Britain, and the European Union are compared.

It is revealed that the system of special knowledge of commodity experts in the field of footwear needs to be optimized by supplementing scientific information on the main categories of footwear commodities. It is proposed to develop such addition as two blocks of information that correspond to separate basic categories of commodity science. The first block – scientifically sound data on current classification systems, new consumer properties, modern groups, species, and intraspecific range of footwear for servicemen. The second block – data on marking and schematic representation of measurements of anthropometric sizes of footwear and feet of consumers, which are developed based on a single scientifically sound scale of sizes and completeness; such a scale will be agreed with and approved by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, harmonized with the relevant scales in force in the developed world, mandatory for all producers and suppliers of this product in Ukraine.

In the example of commodity knowledge about footwear for servicemen, the objective necessity and urgency of improving the existing Ukraine classification systems of uniforms, which is a potential object of commodity examination, in three directions: updating, harmonization with the needs of supply and trade practices, coordination with similar classification systems in developed countries.

Based on the results of theoretical commodity research, it is proposed to modernize the system of special knowledge of a forensic commodity expert by developing a full range of modern methodological support for expert activities.

Key words: forensic examination, theoretical research, footwear for servicemen, classification, marking.