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"Криміналістика і судова експертиза"
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DOI: https://doi.org/10.33994/kndise.2019.64.37

O. Ananin; N. Zhygun

Modern development of printing technologies, which allows for short time and with high quality to represent different properties of visible images, instrumental in the improvement of existent methods of imitation of documents. Therefore, with the purpose of high-quality lead through of technical examination of documents it is necessary read-throughs of permanent analysis of information about found out the methods of imitation.

Analysis of results forensic science Forensic document center State border guard service of Ukraine testifies to the increase of cases of the use of counterfeit passport documents (passports of Israel, Turkey, France, Sweden) with the inflicted photo of bearer on laminate tape which covers the page of information. Thus, closeness of layer of dye which was used for causing of the second photo did not enable to discover primary in the infra-red rays of light. The second photo was inflicted by finishing printing over laminate tape with the use of stream seal, without sorting out of book block.

The analysis of technical descriptions of modern facilities of the contactless printing to show that for the imitation of passports of citizens, countries listed above, used technology of the so-called «UF-printing». Its feature is application in the process of seal of effect of polymerization blackened (paints) under the action of ultraviolet rays. Such technology enables, including polymeric tapes to inflict any images practically on any material, and also allows to create high-quality relief images.

Taking into account possibilities technologists of «UF-printing», it can be used with the purpose of high-quality imitation of deep print and relief stamping. Application of this technology for the imitation of documents can complicate finding out imitations during realization of border control, especially, in the clock of peak-loads in the points of admission through a state boundary. And also increases economic feasibilities of offenders for realization of imitation of different documents.

In modern terms at the improvement of facilities of defense of documents, the methods of their imitation will be perfected constantly. There is a problem of shortage of information about such imitations. Therefore the actual is become by the necessity of modernization of existing and development of new informative materials in relation to the technological features of making of different sort of documents with the use of methods seals which determine properties of visible in a document image.

Key words: passport documents, printing technologies, fake.