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"Криміналістика і судова експертиза"
ISSN: 2786-7072 (Online); ISSN: 2786-7080 (Print)
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DOI: https://doi.org/10.33994/kndise.2019.64.54

A. Batih

The countries of the European Union have a huge territory and a large number of objects of transport infrastructure and rolling stock.

In these countries, various methods, complex systems and technologies are offered for the organization and management of the cargo transportation process and passengers with traffic safety. The acceptance and admission of rolling stock to operation is carried out in accordance with the requirements set out in document EN 14363.

This document defines the main indicators of railway traffic safety, methods, means and conditions for conducting tests of rolling stock on the definition of its qualitative driving characteristics.

In the author’s article, the following safety indicators were studied on the EU railways: the coefficient of stability from rolling the wheel flange of the wheel pair onto the rail head, the value of the turning of the trolley relative to the body of the rolling stock (index X), the indicator of the lateral action of the rolling stock on the rails.

The stability of the rolling of the wheel of the wheel pair onto the rail head on the EU railways is investigated on the basis of the Nadal’s criterion.

The value of the resistance of the trolley rotation relative to the body of the rolling stock is decisive for proving the safety condition against the derailment wheel pairs on the EU railways.

With the help of the indicator of the lateral action of the rolling stock on the rails limited the size of the lateral forces to minimize the risk of shifts of rail-sleeper lattice.

The article describes how a rolling stock test on EU railways is being conducted to determine the traffic safety indicators.

The author notes that in order to determine the possibility of derailment of rolling stock under the norm EN 14363, it is necessary to have the value of the guiding force. However, determining the direction of the force is a complicated and time-consuming process, since it requires a large number of experimental studies.

Key words: railways, rolling stock, indicators of sustainability, European Union.