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"Криміналістика і судова експертиза"
ISSN: 2786-7072 (Online); ISSN: 2786-7080 (Print)
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DOI: https://doi.org/10.33994/kndise.2020.65.74

R. Starovoitova, I. Druchinina

The article presents a new technique for the preparation of cytological preparations, which can significantly increase the yield of cellular elements from traces of biological origin on material evidence. The use of this technique increases the percentage of positive results when conducting forensic cytological studies.

The study found that the use of an ultrasound bath in forensic examination of cigarette butts increases the number of cells removed by an average of 5-7 times compared to the conventional method of preparation of cytological drugs.

The analysis of the data also indicates that the storage time of cigarettes in the laboratory does not significantly affect the amount of cellular element extraction. Some difference in the average number of cells, for example, the shelf life of 1 month and 3 months, can be explained by the “dry” way of smoking cigarettes.

The use of this method in the examinations showed that ultrasound treatment does not affect the further investigation of these deficiencies in order to identify the antigens of the ABO system and to establish the category of excretion of smokers.

The application of this method makes it possible to use much less material in the examinations, and treatment with saline solution allows to save the biomaterial for further research by the method of DNA analysis.

Thus, the use of an ultrasound bath for the preparation of cytological preparations for cigarette butts can be recommended to forensic experts-cytologists for practical work, which will significantly increase the percentage of positive results in establishing the sex of saliva on these objects.

Key words: forensic cytological research methods, cytological preparations, ultrasonic bath.