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DOI: https://doi.org/10.33994/kndise.2020.65.43

А.V. Batig, A. Ya. Kuzyshyn

One of the most important problems that pose a serious threat to the functioning of railways is the problem of freight cars derailment.

However, according to statistics, the number of cases of the derailments of freight cars in trains annually grows.

Тo prevent such cases, the necessary preventive measures are developed, and to study the causes of their occurrence, a significant number of mathematical models, programs and software systems created by leading domestic and foreign scientists.

Studies of such mathematical models by the authors of this work have led to the conclusion that they are not sufficiently detailed to the extent that it is necessary for analyze the reasons of its derailment.

At the same time, an analysis of the causes of the rolling stock derailments on the railways of Ukraine over the past five years showed that in about 20 % of cases they are obvious, and in 7 % of cases they are not obvious and implicitly expressed.

The study of such cases of rolling stock derailment during an official investigation by the railway and during forensic railway transport expertises requires the use of an improved mathematical model of a freight car, which would allow a quantitative assessment of the impact of its parameters and rail track on the conditions of railway accidents.

Therefore, taking into account the main reasons that caused the occurrence of such railroad accidents over the last five years on the railways of Ukraine, the article selected the main directions for improving the mathematical model of a freight car, allowing to cover all the many factors (explicit and hidden) and identify the most significant ones regarding the circumstances of the derailment rolling stock off the track, established on the basis of a computer experiment.

It is proposed in the mathematical model of a freight car to take into account the guiding force, the value of which is one of the main indicators of the stability of the rolling stock.

The authors of the article noted that not taking into account the influence of the guiding forces on the dynamics of the freight car can lead to an erroneous determination of the reasons for the rolling stock derailment or even to the impossibility of establishing them.

Keywords: mathematical model, railway accident, rolling stock, rail track, freight car, running gears.