Міжвідомчий Науково-методичний збірник
"Криміналістика і судова експертиза"
ISSN: 2786-7072 (Online); ISSN: 2786-7080 (Print)
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DOI: https://doi.org/10.33994/kndise.2022.67.69

V. Koloniuk, Yu. Foris, O. Yudina, V. Vynohradova

The article deals with some aspects of the history of the existence and development of the Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise, the historical personalities of its employees, their dedication, and heroic work.

The history is multifaceted. It always directly combines the history of the State itself with the history of organizations, institutions, enterprises, and other institutions that contribute to its functioning, and, in general, to prosperity. In turn, the fruitful work of the employees, and their achievements in science and practice are a contribution to history that cannot be forgotten. Life goes on and there are always fields for achievement.

Key words: forensic examination, history of the Kyiv Scientific Research Insti tute of Forensic Expertise, historical employees of the Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise.