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"Криміналістика і судова експертиза"
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І. Bilous


This article is dedicated to the actual nowadays problem — to the realization of modern safety requirements of documents that identify somebody in Ukraine. The author describes the technology of creating, elements of protection and personalization methods of the newest documents in Ukraine that identify somebody. Especially the author paid heed to the recommendations of International Civil Aviation Organization about putting into circulation the documents that identify somebody, which are assured with the identificationand biometric device. The material, shown in the article, will be interesting for the specialists in the sphere of technical document examination.

Putting Ukrainian documents into circulation, which prove identity with imperfect system of protection, caused the situation, which leads to the commitment of numerous delinquencies, connected with the usage of forged documents, and in some cases it is the basis of such crime commitments as terrorism and trade in.

In order to increase the efficiency of struggle against these commitments and fulfillment of visa liberalization program, given by European Union to Ukraine, there are some kinds of developed and put into circulation in Ukraine modern documents, which prove identity, produced with the usage of advanced manufacturing sciences with special protection level.

On high-level international summit the development of regulations and new standards in the sphere of proving identity document safety is entrusted to ICAO International Organization of Commercial Aviation.

By recommendations of ICAO the documents with higher level of protection are created in order to increase the social security against manifestation of crime and international terrorism. The documents are provided with non-contact integrated circuit, which contains non-contact data medium with biometric data of its owner (so called ʼbiometricʼ documents) are more widespread in the world and are put into circulation in many countries.

In Ukraine the production, putting into circulation and issue of documents, which prove identity with non-contact data medium, are regulated by the Law of Ukraine ʼAbout Single state demographic register and documents, which confirm the nationality of Ukraine, which prove the person or his/her special statusʼ.

During the making of documents of Ukraine, which prove identity, are applied the following technological tools: special materials of the printed form of document (material for cover, paper, plastic), the complex of high-quality printing technologies, special elements of printing protection (watermarks, coloured and fluorescent fibers, microprinting, protected holographic elements), special inks for elementsʼ putting, technologies of personalization of document etc.

Stated in this article material allows us to come to the conclusion that the applied technologies of producing and personalization of modern documents in Ukraine, which prove identity, supply the high level of data identification and protection, which exclude their usage by any person, except the owner. It makes impossible to forge them. Thus, according to the level of protection modern documents in Ukraine, which prove identity, satisfy the requirements of the ICAO standards and state standards of Ukraine.