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DOI: https://doi.org/10.33994/kndise.2019.64.55

A. Batih; O. Kovalchuk

The article noted that the speed of trains is one of the main quality indicators of the railway. It increases the throughput and carrying capacity of the railway.

But it must be remembered that one of the main obstacles today in increasing the speed of movement is the curved sections of the path. The speed in such areas is limited by the requirements of traffic safety and the necessary level of comfort for passengers.

Increasing the speed of trains leads to an increase in the forces of interaction between the track and the rolling stock and, accordingly, affects the probability of rolling stock derailment.

The limitation of the speed of movement in the curved sections of the path is trying to reduce the horizontal transverse forces that are transmitted from the wheel to the rail. For passenger wagons, it also allows reducing lateral accelerations, which tire passengers and worsen the ride comfort.

Restrictions in curved sections of the path are versatile, and they are unequal. Some of them allow relatively high speeds, other speed limits are significant. The permissible rolling stock speeds are set based on the outstanding horizontal acceleration, the growth rate of this acceleration, and the speed of raising (lowering) the wheel is normalized through the cant rail-speed tables.

There are several criteria for limiting the speed of rolling stock in curves.

In this article, the authors investigated the limitations of the speed of movement of rolling stock in a curved section of the track according to the coefficient of stability from racking or crawling the wheel flange of the wheelset onto the rail head.

The article investigated the limitations of the speed in a curved section of the track in the case of a uniform, uneven loading of the wheel of the wheelset, with and without cant of external rail.

The authors of the article notes that the study of the issue of the interaction of rolling stock and rail track allows to set factors and indicators that affect the safe movement of trains at appropriate speeds.         

Key words: maximum speed of movement, restriction of speed, trains, sections of the track.